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The CodeSAFEPLUS Suite is hands-down one of the most valuable CPT & ICD practice management tools available to any medical office today. Its ease of use is geared for both doctors and staff who are integrally involved with coding and compliance. It pays for itself with a few claims; yet it teaches you revenue-generating practices that will allow your office to be profitable while maintaining correct coding procedures. If you want real-time, instant access to reimbursement solutions, and CPT coding information without having to search for the information yourself, then subscribe to CodeSAFEPLUS.

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Education Services - Nationally Recognized Authority On Medical Coding,
​  Medical Record Compliance, Audit & Health Care Reform

- Practice Profitability Analysis For Healthcare Reform Participation

- Personalized One-On-One Medical Coding Consultation Through "JustAskJohn"

- Clinical Documentation Improvement Training  

- Reimbursement Maximization Strategies

- Medical Record Compliance & Chart Training Audits

- Insurance Audit Defense

- Practice Appraisal & Practice Transition Consulting

Expert Testimony In Divorce & Estate Proceedings)

- COPE Accredited Administrator For Your CE Programs (

CodeSAFE® Integrated CPT & ICD Data Services

Custom Software Applications & Development

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​​a reputable authority, deep knowledge base, VISIONARY, AND
​A PROVEN TRACK RECORD In audit defense.

Founded in 1984 by Dr. John Rumpakis, PRMI has become one of the eye care industry's leading providers of medical coding & compliance consulting and training, practice transition consulting, including practice appraisals, and COPE approved CE lectures.

​For the past 33 years, PRMI has provided a broad array of consulting services to both individual practices and industry partners in the eye care industry, and has developed some of the most innovative web-based software service applications for the medical/eye care professions. If you prefer a personalized approach to your practice, let us help!

A leading authority on medical coding and compliance issues in eye care, Dr Rumpakis is also highly sought out as a consultant and is one of the country's most popular lecturers on the topic of medical coding and compliance.  He also offers personalized one-on-one medical coding consultation services through his "JustAskJohn" subscription service. If you would like to request Dr. Rumpakis to speak at one of your meetings email us today!

PRMI Medical Coding & Consulting - A WELL EARNED REPUTATION In Medical Billing and Coding, Compliance & Reimbursement Issues

In addition to our own industry leading SaaS based services, like CodeSAFEPLUS.comPRMI also specializes in custom software applications & integrated data services.

PRMI is an accredited COPE administrator for professional optometric continuing education events through our Opt-ED CE® division. We can make your next education event a true success!

Selling or buying a practice? PRMI is the leading provide of appraisal services for eye care practices in the U.S. and when it comes to establishing the value of a practice, EXPERIENCE counts!

PRMI offers a wide array of consulting services for any ophthalmic practice or industry partner including our new personal medical coding consultation service "JustAskJohn".





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 - Personalized Service

 - No "One Size Fits All Approach"

 - 33+ Years Of Experience

 - Force Multiplying Technology

 - A Reputation For Perfection and...

​The "Know How" To Get It Done

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